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  • Cool under pressure, Rav is, in her own words, 'an organised mind in a lazy body'. A 90's fan with a very specific stationery organisation system. Trying to be a healthy foodie, through a winning combination of chai seeds, coconut mix and fried chicken.
    Team rav abc46b185179eceaeb423fd1bbda8eeb543ccef4371fd982984e95c29197f760
    Rav Sokhi
    Creative Artworker
  • Ben's not just a pretty face and a winning smile. He's also the Earl of Photoshop and Lord of After Effects. He can do anything. And he loves balloons. He's our hero.
    Team ben eb54284dead8420297754b9d5b1775bb98a53b106e1c5ff1a4fc4c69be4d5943
    Ben Charters
    Senior Artworker
  • Supporting Elisa and stealing highlighters over at the photo desk is our other resident Italian. Fresh out of a swanky Italian film school she is one of those people who prefers savoury to sweet, but then so might you if you grew up in Italy…
    Team carlotta 3c28fbb4b4c427f7709c4c93d80f8d25ea24ca755a364b331fb324649eb63d51
    Carlotta Ravelli
    Producer/Photo Editor
  • A design tools and systems aficionado (because they’re trendy right now), Raph also holds the office record for most sneezes in a row. He does cursive whiteboard handwriting better than he does a Cockney accent.
    Team raphael 60270789171127b67cc1959f5bacc366505d658bdaee7855da100e2ef76e37a1
    Raphael Guilleminot
    Principal Designer
  • Georgie spends much of her time watching people order food, which is more fun and less creepy than it sounds. Outside work she can be found watching unusual Channel 4 documentaries, or dreaming up ways to make her flat feel more Stockholm and less Stockwell.
    Team georgie 294a6779e885f630f388e231ad4cf564c221e0b60d6200c8d47d4fe167bf3ca0
    Georgie Thompson
    User Researcher
  • Once taunted by a monkey on a mountaintop, our Brand Land artworker now lives with a parrot that gives a daily heartfelt rendition of 'I Believe I Can Fly'.
    Team karlalouise 7c8f9198601a9a53216868c3925c72acd53919fcb883a1c5cf0d94333a30c7c6
    Karla-Louise Davidson
    Creative Artworker
  • Never Macmean, highly Mackeen, and with designs that are Mac-clean, Stephen works to bring calm to hangry people. Owns enough film cameras to start a small museum. Often found at gigs, or lugging one of said cameras into the countryside to take photos of bleak landscapes.
    Team stephen 7ee12ac2e10fee3a19601f95032aca71cb2f10f8c66ce03d18955a0d33dff0f0
    Stephen Macvean
    Product Designer
  • Sam's a bit of everything – designer, slash developer, slash photographer. He's like Samson, in that if you cut off his hair, he loses all his design powers. We still don't know what's under his hat.
    Team sam e51e46917ea1c6c17c59e1dffe1fb5ba79e3fa8463a681847a61f40fde567e53
    Sam King
    Product Designer
  • The big head honcho. Known for his appreciation of the Backstreet Boys, George Clooney, and outstanding cutlery.
    Team simon 1c293f113ad512cc6113608680dcba5d6f8b0d6e7b6c6a2aa330f2a417a84882
    Simon Rohrbach
    Director of Content, Research & Design
  • Phu leads the design of the stuff that helps us deliver stuff. Spends a lot of money on books. We're told he tends to fall off snowboards and out of boats, and was punched by a boxer once - so we now try to keep him away from those things in our day-to-day line of work.
    Team phu 61c899689c693e0611a339928b56538edc7ed8b5fd9a01479ea1523b9a58ee4c
    Phu Ly
    Delivery Product Design Lead
  • Charlotte likes cooking and reading, as well as rating food while she's eating it. Occasionally we change her first name to 'Shamose', because according to a Starbucks cup she was handed, that's how you spell it.
    Team charlotte b1f9abe237fb9a4db315a40bc972dbeb48f7a5aa714031a83e2b86044b004a91
    Charlotte Clancy
    User Research Lead
  • Famously indecisive even with a master's in decision making, Melissa helps us find out how people choose what to eat and when to work. Big fan of food, bikes and… she's undecided on the third thing.
    Team melissa e70c53f4c096dc81b5534f848685a2a266a6441281d0c8d92e99607c25a38b14
    Melissa Safran
    User Researcher
  • Yeuko likes a G&T, food, travel, and everything about her Australian homeland, particularly the sunshine. What d'you mean, 'terrible British weather'?
    Team yeuko 80eff2c233e7db92017e41dac172dfcce0b0b1b54e49d9d5c529030365e0bb3d
    Yeuko Ogawa
    Product Designer
  • At work Sasha is kept busy wrangling the job board into a readable format and making sure we do what we're told. Outside the office is hooked on Instagram, fondant fancies, music and dance gigs.
    Team sasha 4b8c464e2a077fd7ff1c83d5353076f3b5f4ab05980e60d886c34277e1422a8f
    Sasha Mason de Caires
    Project Manager
  • A researcher with a background in design, Struan’s interested in the sociology of digital work, and visual research methods. He’s regularly found listening to talk radio, browsing YouTube, and demonstrating zero self-control when in close proximity to ice cream.
    Team struan 4a075c629980b1c6c38120e6bbdc7820fcef887414b5f25829b14268226f67b1
    Struan Barr
    User Researcher
  • The master organiser, and manager of projects and people. Makes sure all our design work is done right and on time. Is a South African who knows more about the UK than you do. Strikes fear into the hearts of men. Loves making lists.
    Team saskia 3b61382f8c3fba0f13026bfb44f2b98d976727909474cf50d05629405c1887b8
    Saskia Liebenberg
    Senior Project Manager
  • Originally from Kuala Lumpur - a source of street food that London has yet to match. A big fan of live music and good gin (ideally together), who knows every line of 'The Sound of Music' by heart. Bonus points for introducing us to 1-2-Switch - the resulting videos will go down in history.
    Team ann c8129a0f424e0a9e4b376ebf18a129b9ead334ab37d61b9b4e81e537740ae9ab
    Ann Foo
    Product Designer
  • With a name that autocorrect just won’t play nicely with, Villain makes sure our restaurant products are A+. He likes cats, surfing, climbing and beer… although presumably not all at the same time.
    Team cillian 9a814f1c978eec492a9cea63602e608fb0ec6ac38a2a00f9c3266b584627421d
    Cillian Hunter
    Senior Product Designer
  • Illustrates like a boss. Is our champion brand guardian with a mean eye for composition. Prefers cats to people, will exchange friendship for chocolate. Has developed a particular taste for bubblegum-AND-mint flavoured chewing gum.
    Team jacqui 8f2a09e781589d07da2fde6c0d198dc82c68691f714ea9f820a0750c38e118d1
    Jacqui Lee
    Graphic Designer
  • Pixels aside, Tim likes playing with code, brewing beer, and snapping a photo or two. He’s also tried cutting it in the leather crafting world. A quick check of Slack reveals that Tim’s now the sixth Tim in the office, following Tim, Tim, Tim, Tim and Tim.
    Team tim ed50e206ae07319bd9b61b01a50cbc3f2d46cde738c5a1f91d80c7af2eae70f0
    Tim Davey
    Senior Product Designer
  • Do you remember that person who was on First Dates the other night? Probably not, but Aisling will. Her tendency to bump into its contestants has made the show one of her favourite things. Other favourite things include Ribena.
    Team aisling bf5b24b0b3a57841105748a101cae181979bc6f448c17ce2be0232cf47ed2c94
    Aisling Lee
    Product Designer
  • Alex loves magazines so much that he wants to marry one. When not sniffing uncoated periodical paper, he likes playing with his cat and wearing plaid. Ask him to do his impressions.
    Team alex e71a909b9b94ca034ab2911715bd50a57b7084c915cd51f8265feb10bf1e8dba
    Alex Vissaridis
    Graphic Designer
  • Lucy keeps the studio running smoothly. Also, her husband is a firefighter. Hubba hubba.
    Team lucy 32d434960381bec9ac28f3ff5b427c364ae20a8bce49bb7de98bbd727ae75355
    Lucy Henderson
    Studio Manager
  • Previously living in Dublin, Brendan spends his weekends exploring National Trust sites and playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. At work, we reckon he Framers in Framer more than the people who make Framer Framer in Framer.
    Team brendan 4ed7da91358032c0c9d8bb8fdc3ae743318a98425992b9fefe4f9d3a4ef5526e
    Brendan Fagan
    Senior Product Designer
  • Designs lots of wireframes in Balsamiq - we aren't sure he knows what to do after that. Knows someone who's on Bake Off, which is mainly why we like him. Creator of some incredible face swaps. Magnificent hair. Seriously, look at it.
    Team jonny 7b1a4efdb9c91abc82a3397d0fa3a2c1f8b5f58857a8d1529d28908af8c117ae
    Jonny Burch
    Consumer Product Design Lead
  • We assume he still works here, given he’s somehow missing almost every time a team photo happens. Organiser of office baking, games nights and occasional space wars. Wearer of jazzy socks.
    Team rob acfcaa9e5d2dd80ad1da85b7afa436901c921b4cc79386fb73a1dc62397a109e
    Rob Hunt
    Product Designer
  • A global citizen currently based here in London, Sana heads up product design for our restaurants. She loves reading books, writing poetry and drinking tea, to the extent that she has a 'tea library'. It sounds awesome. We have many questions.
    Team sana 8186d26ed264524944357338f3491d9282f8cf1207ba7430d060892e4523186d
    Sana Rao
    Restaurant Product Design Lead
  • Makes sure food looks its finest by co-ordinating all our shoots, from our campaign work to restaurant pics for the app. Will pass by your desk and mess everything up for the sake of it. But in a nice way. Bakes amazing biscotti. Terrifyingly Italian.
    Team elisa c23a964909fc1ae28cd4bdddea67c10633070aa84fafef78db610379145d0109
    Elisa Merlo
    Head of Photography
  • Matt has a dog called Bruce. Bruce is great. He came to the pub recently and we all got to meet him. We were like 'yay, Bruce!', and then Bruce said 'hi' and sat under our table and was generally a good boy. So anyway, Bruce is cool. Oh, and Matt's alright, too.
    Team matt 714e883651b5575986626b9847d615a06fe957921b3ccba5280d11668893566e
    Matt Vagni
    Senior Product Designer
  • Also known (post-autocorrect) as Fragrant Saffron, Saff works on his Cinemap app in his spare time. Co-pioneer of the 'dude' reaction on Deliveroo's Slack… because we faceswapped him.
    Team saffad a553ea28bdd9514b8fc2b9cad648d01cacd66694a6e590e80766e18d6b6a36c0
    Saffad Khan
    Senior Product Designer
  • Brand team scapegoat and organisation nerd, makes sure the cogs keep turning and things stay looking good. Can be found blogging, podcasting and eating otherwise.
    Team katie 640280bcf198ae8fecc8d29513a1cd5e6d4af0426901264eb480085407f505a9
    Katie McLurg
    Graphic Designer
  • Born and bred Norwegian ('but most people think I'm American… or Canadian') who's lived in four countries in seven years. Big into bikes, and big into video games - although tends to buy those, then play them three times and never again. And, yes, pronouncing it 'rode' is fine.
    Team christine 9e1997365d6a599b9dc2f5d4c584db0605f5a70832a20e468f8f256fcf7719c8
    Christine Røde
    Senior Product Designer
  • Stares wistfully into the middle distance whenever he's thinking about design. Previously worked at the BBC, and looking after his dog sometimes causes him to skip social events. We assume he catches up on iPlayer.
    Team rory a09f0a171683022ace13a7cd6169884d7b9394fb7822079cad53534c498734b4
    Rory Houlding
    Product Designer
  • Also known as 'Shopie Wods' following a misunderstanding with her cleaner. By day, a user researcher, by night, a Kilimanjaro-climbing netball-playing London-dwelling horse-riding baker. Ask her for a tour of Google Calendar.
    Team sophie 5cad54e7763f22300a3f35d2ffcb805c795cad1bfac1f6bca819f8e00937055d
    Sophie Woods
    User Researcher

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